November 24, 2014

New York 2014

Hi! How are you guys? I happen to have some downtime from work. The last month has been pretty hectic and I have been mostly working on night shift, but all is well since I get to blog which means I have free time! I was able to visit NYC two weekends ago. Bright lights, tall buildings. It is everything that Alicia Keys told us! 

Avenue of the Americas! Yellow cabs!

The Halal Guys at 53rd and 6th, Manhattan, New York! They serve gyro platters. Beef/chicken/lamb over onion, tomatoes, lettuce and rice! Pair it with their white, bbq or hot sauce and you're good to go! I believe it's 6 bucks for one order. You HAVE to try this when you're in NYC. They're right across MoMA and you'll spot them easily because of the people lining up!

Times Square! Correct me if I'm wrong, is this is where the ball drops?

Taken from Central Park. I would have taken a lot more photos of the park, I would have seen the Bethesda Terrace if only it wasn't freezing! 

Pedicab. NYC style.

Yoohoo. Big summer blowout.
I just had to.

2nd day in NYC. My take on a boyfriend outfit. Am I fashown enough?

 Eggs ben at Blue Fin

Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral. They were still constructing the inside of the church. There were scaffoldings everywhere. 

We were blessed enough to attend a mass by a cardinal!

Grand Central Station and the Chrysler building!

The New York Palace
I totally fangirl-ed when I recognised this building from Gossip Girl! Not the best shot because we we're walking the opposite direction.

Hey, Upper East Siders.

At Battery Park

NYC from a perspective of a little lady

Liberty Island

feat the birds of New York

Going to end this post with my best achievement on Clash of Clans. Hahaha!

October 04, 2014

That Post When She Talked About Recent Things

I honestly have been feeling a bit indifferent regarding this blog. The last couple months of "active blogging" phase is slowly taking its downfall. I may even be more out of the scene this coming month since I was offered a job. Yes, I was offered the job that I was interviewed for last month! In addition to that, I am also scheduled to take my driving test. Need car for job, need job for car! Originally, I was going to take it this coming week but due to conflicts of schedule it was moved to a later date. Then, next month, I get to have my second shot on my CGFNS exam. Dear God, I pray that I make it this time! I am immensely grateful for all the blessings and opportunities that has come lately. I hope to do well in each quest!

If I ever actually drift from posting on my blog, you may find me on Twitter because that's where most of my brain farts are posted and on Instagram where I have recently started microblogging.

September 30, 2014

September Favorites

Film: Begin Again. What I like about this movie is how the two lost souls crossed paths. They made a team and created something beautiful when they were in each other's lowest point in life. They make a great support system for one another in a completely platonic way. It sucks that Adam Levine plays the role of cheating bastard, again.

Person: Pharrell Williams. Have you seen him on The Voice? Adorable!

Application: Clash of Clans. I've been hooked for the first two weeks since I started playing this that the app itself sets me for a timeout! I have my college friend to thank for for introducing this game to me. It's basically a strategy game. You create a village/base which includes your defence, resources and army. You get to battle other players too for more resources and use that for upgrades. The thing I like the most about this game besides its whole concept is that you can play WITH your friends. You can join or create a clan where you can chat with your clan mates and you all can go to war (a battle with other clans) which is quite exhilarating especially when the attack time is about to run out and you only just need a little more time to get one star in order to win the battle! All that while your friends are watching you attack live and are cheering for you! I really like that even though I'm thousands of miles away, I still get to "hang" with them. Thank you, technology!

September 18, 2014

At the moment

loves the fact that she was recognised as an RN from the call she got this afternoon. It was the first time that someone actually regarded me as one.

shares this incredible Mozart rap that every youngsters should watch.

asks if anyone of are watching Agents of Shield? Is it any good?

laughs at this Elders React to Fifty Shades of Gray trailer video. It reminded me on why I never got to finish the book after two attempts. Although I couldn't bear reading the book, I'd still give the movie a go as long as I won't hear Ms. Steele's ridiculously sexual thoughts.

hopes that her schedule for next month will turn out alright.

thinks that there's nothing really new about the new iPhone iOS. I thought that the icons were going to be different but no it is still the same.

is in a state of book anhedonia after several months of reading one after another.